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A man working on a railway brake component in a vice.

We Pride Ourselves on Offering Brake Overhaul & Technical Support to All Our Customers

Your comprehensive overhaul needs an expert team with a thorough working knowledge of both old & new brake components.

“Communications have always been good, and when there is or has been an issue there has never ever been an issue getting it resolved”

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Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back

A quicker turnaround than many of the larger companies out there.

Our unique insight into the development and modification of brake components over the decades.

Our unrivalled access to OEM parts & thorough working knowledge of both Wabtec-Faiveley (Davies & Metcalfe) and Knorr-Bremse (Westinghouse) brake components.

Our capacity to overhaul large fleets quickly & effectively; meaning less down time for you.

Working with a close-knit expert team.

Our thorough testing and 12 month warranty.

A man reaching for an OEM railway part
An older man and younger man working on pressure gauges
An engineer testing a railway component

How This Works

Here is all the information you’ll need to get started. We look forward to working with you,

How This Works

Here is all the information you’ll need to get started. We look forward to working with you.

Contact us
Whether you need to confirm a price, identify your component, or ask whether we can overhaul something specific - send us your request using our contact form.
Receive your quote
We usually reply within 24 - 48 hours.

Won't a phone call be quicker? Our contact form lets you include photos so we can save you time by identifying the component & providing an accurate price.
Confirm booking
For a quicker turnaround we usually need written confirmation (Purchase Order) before you send us your item.
Send your item(s)
Ship to or drop off your component with the team at our Burton-on-Trent site.
Overhauling & testing
We strip down, clean, replace, reassemble & thoroughly test your component.
Item(s) returned to you
Collected or shipped.
Invoice & payment
Follow the instructions on your invoice to pay by BACS, or request a card payment link.

How Our Heritage Helps You

Not only have we been serving customers like you since 2006, but we also have a heritage dating back to the 1960s when director Keith Nicholson began his career in the industry.

Industry knowledge is sadly being lost or forgotten. But not here. Here we share our knowledge, and Keith’s decades-long experience in the development, modification & overhaul of brake components is preserved in our team.

Rest assured, you are benefiting from a wealth of knowledge not available to your average overhauling service.

Two men working on a railway component
A blue and yellow locomotive

What began as a service for the overlooked heritage rail community - still very much our passion - now sees us as the approved suppliers to some of the biggest rail operators in the country.

That’s why we’re happy to serve everyone - from the owner of a single preserved locomotive to the UK's largest rail organisations.

Who You Will Enjoy Working With

Profile photo of Adrian Tullett
One of the team since:
Specialises in:
Electro pneumatic valves and controllers
Worked on:
Brake components for Tornado, Flying Scotsman, and both Glasgow & London underground.
Adrian Tullett
Workshop Supervisor
Profile photo of Arron Hollands
One of the team since:
Specialises in:
P4 Distubutors
Worked on:
Components for Flying Scotsman
Arron Hollands
Profile photo of Bradley Bennett
One of the team since:
Specialises in:
Building and overhauling test trolleys
Worked on:
Bradley Bennett
Profile photo of Jacob Tullett
One of the team since:
Specialises in:
Overhauling and testing brake controllers and distributors. Fault finding.
Worked on:
Brake components for Flying Scotsman, and onsite brake tests for Tornado.
Jacob Tullett
Profile photo of Phil Coomer
One of the team since:
Specialises in:
Worked on:
Phil Coomer
General Manager
Profile photo of Ray Humphrey
One of the team since:
Specialises in:
Worked on:
Ray Humphrey
Profile photo of Steve Bennett
One of the team since:
Specialises in:
Refurbishing Truckmaster filter system
Worked on:
Steve Bennett

If you have something specific in mind or wonder how we can help you on your next project, we’d be happy to hear from you.